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Everything we produce is bespoke

Whilst much of what we manufacture follows the normal tried and tested FEFCO carton styles, we are adept at creating innovative packaging concepts to enhance presentation or pack complex products. Talk to us about your project – we’d love to help.

tapered carton

Tuck-in top cartons

This can be supplied assembled or unassembled. Buffered sides and ends can be considered when extra protection is require.
Stands out in the crowd. May have a tuck in base as shown (with or without a postal lock), an envelope base or a glued crash lock base. The angle of the taper is limited for machine gluing.
The 4 flaps may meet or overlap. Unless taping is acceptable, should only be used if automatic packing machinery is available, else a tuck in end carton is better.
This stronger reinforced base may be ‘mixed and matched’ with different tops. However, it is more expensive to produce than a ‘standard’ crash lock base.
This format keeps the front panel neat. When a postal lock is used as shown it is hidden at the back of the carton.
Fully automatic base make up when erected. May be produced in cartonboard, micro flute, e flute, litho laminated grades and according to dimensions even b flute.
Also known as FEFCO 0215. It provides a strong interlocked base and is not as costly as a crash lock but doesn’t automatically assemble like a crash lock.
This is necessary on very thin cartons to enable gluing. The seam may be positioned off centre.
One of the most popular carton styles May be economically interlocked Also known as ‘RTIE’ and ‘FEFCO 0211’
cardboard box printers

Cartons with headers

Retailers are now requesting this but it does cost more to produce. There are a limited range of dimensions for which it is suitable.
All the advantages of a glued crash lock base with a hanging panel for display. Shown with an acetate window on the front panel.
Acetate windows are a popular addition to this product either just in the front panel or extended to fold around the top or sides. Also available with a glued crash lock base (TP114)
Sometimes more suitable than TP026 according to the product dimensions.
Enables the addition of a Euroslot for a hanging display in a retail environment and can be produced with or without a postal lock in base. These will often have an acetate window.
cardboard box printers

Cartons with lids

The bookflap style lid may be printed both sides just by printing one side of the sheet. Tricky to erect and only suitable for certain sizes but the results can be stunning.
Box and lid with fold-over ends and sides, mitred in the corners. It costs more to make up than TP217 but is stronger and neater in appearance. The lid may be full or part depth and can include optional thumbholes.
Economical to produce as there is no gluing involved - blanks are supplied in the flat. Takes time to erect however and stacking strength is not great. Can be separate box and lid.
Quick to erect. The front flap normally tucks in. An option is to apply peel and seal tape so it may be stuck on the outside if a tamper evident pack is required.
An economical blank which is viable only for large quantities. It is often used for printers ream boxes and ay be produced to collapse flat either ‘infold’ or ‘outfold’
May be referred to as a ‘shirt box’ The lid can be full or part depth. The tray may be used with an acetate lid or with a sleeve to produce a ‘shell and slide’
Very popular postal carton, also known as FEFCO 0427. Excellent when produced in litho laminated board for additional strength.
Economical to produce and strong due to the double thickness sides. May be used as a display carton with a break back display on the lid. Also known as a FEFCO 0429
For when extra graphics are required. Shown here with a recess in the front panel. Also popular is an acetate window and could also come with postal locks.
carton printers

Cartons with carry handle

An alternative use for this style is to place a euroslot instead of a handle hole in the top and you have a central header.
Used by the fast food industry and for kids party packs, but has many other uses. If only a small quantity required then choose TP085
This version of a carry pack is more suited to certain dimensions. Has the advantage that the handle will fold flat for bulk packing.
Easily erected, convenient to carry and easy to open. Popular as a ‘lunch box’.
carton printers

Display Cartons

Shown here with a ‘break back’ display and ‘cut away’ front panel. Slotted divisions may be used in conjunction to support and divide the products contained within.
Popular for confectionery products. Shown here with a ‘break back display’ and a ‘cut away front panel’ for ease of access to products. Also available with a glued crash lock base (TP106)
Tams Packaging tray fold over ends box packaging. Printed carton box packaging.

Trays, Sleeves, Dividers




This can be supplied assembled or unassembled. Buffered sides and ends can be considered when extra protection is require.
The side walls may have slots to accept products such as blister cards for display. Can be used with a lid with an acetate window, so the buffers enable the full viewing of the product.
As TP224, but with the extension that adds rigidity and enables the inside to be fully printed by just printing one side of the sheet. Can be just used on the lid or on both the lid and base.
Functional and cost effective. Requires no gluing and is easy to make up. Known as ‘FEFCO 0422’
Can be an economical solution for re-branding existing packaging or to give a new look to a plain corrugated box. This would cost less than litho laminating if small quantity is required.
Tams Packaging folder with pocket box packaging. Printed carton box packaging.

Folders, Wallets, Pillow Packs



Many variations on this - may have one or two pockets each with one or two glue flaps. One or both may have capacity. Not all sizes or styles can be machine glued.
Excellent ‘designer pack’, but stacking strength is not good. As a general rule the smaller dimension of the opening needs to be 50% or less than that of the larger to enable ease of erection.
Popular as a mailing envelope. Also known as a ‘Board Envelope’ and is available with a tuck-in instead of glued flaps.
Popular as a mailing envelope. Also known as a ‘Board Envelope’ Available with an adhesive flap, with a peel off strip, instead of the tuck shown.

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