Enables the addition of a Euroslot for a hanging display in a retail environment and can be produced with or without a postal lock in base. These will often have an acetate window. A Euro slot, also known as a Euro hole or Euro hanger, is a standardized slot punched into packaging materials such as cardboard, paper, or plastic. This slot is designed to hang products on display hooks commonly used in retail environments.

The Euro slot is typically rectangular in shape with rounded corners and is positioned near the top of the packaging. It allows products to be displayed prominently on store shelves or racks, making it easier for retailers to showcase the items to customers.

The term “Euro slot” comes from its widespread use in Europe, where this type of packaging feature is commonly found on products sold in retail stores. It is a convenient and efficient way to hang products securely while maximizing visibility and space utilization in stores.

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TP026 AERO WITH HEADER. Euroslot packaging uk.

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