The bookflap style lid may be printed both sides just by printing one side of the sheet.
Tricky to erect and only suitable for certain sizes but the results can be stunning.

Buffered trays are a popular design for adding prestige and value to brand presentation. They are very popular in the chocolate box market. The good news is that most cardboard chocolate boxes can be recycled! Cardboard is a highly recyclable material that can be turned into new products such as paper, packaging materials, and even more cardboard boxes. By recycling your cardboard chocolate boxes, you are helping to reduce waste and conserve valuable resources.

To ensure that your cardboard chocolate boxes are properly recycled, follow these simple steps:

  1. Empty the Box: Before recycling the cardboard box, make sure to remove any plastic inserts, wrappers, or leftover chocolate pieces.
  1. Flatten the Box: Flatten the cardboard box to save space and make it easier to transport for recycling.
  1. Check Local Recycling Guidelines: Different recycling centers may have specific guidelines for cardboard recycling, so be sure to check with your local recycling facility to ensure you are following the correct procedures.
  1. Place in Recycling Bin: Once you have prepared the cardboard chocolate box, simply place it in your recycling bin or take it to a designated recycling drop-off location.
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