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Leading Printed Cardboard Box Manufacturer in Hertfordshire, UK

Welcome to TAMS Packaging, the pioneering force in crafting superior printed cardboard boxes. Situated in the heart of Hertfordshire, UK, we specialise in transforming your packaging concepts into tangible works of art.

Printed Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Innovative Solutions for Bespoke Printed Cardboard Boxes

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, offering a diverse array of styles including litho printed cartons and classic plain designs. From crash-lock cartons to pillow packs, tuck-in cartons to 6-corner glued masterpieces, we provide an unparalleled range, all meticulously tailored to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.


Printed Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Unrivalled In-House Capabilities for a Seamless Experience

At TAMS Packaging, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with the finesse of expert craftsmanship. Our comprehensive in-house services cover the entire packaging journey. From innovative design and CAD sampling to precision die-cutting and meticulous folding, we handle every aspect with finesse and precision. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each step of the process is executed to perfection.

CAD Design, Sampling, and Artwork

From concept to reality, our expert team utilises cutting-edge CAD design software to bring your packaging ideas to life.

Die Cutting

With state-of-the-art equipment, we create intricate and customised shapes for your packaging needs, making your products stand out on the shelves.

B1 Litho Printing

B1 Litho Printing

Our advanced technology and skilled printers produce vibrant and professional packaging designs, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Folding & Gluing

Our expert team employs meticulous folding and gluing techniques to assemble your packaging seamlessly, ensuring it is sturdy, functional, and visually appealing.

Printed Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Crafting Your Vision into Reality

No project is too small or too ambitious for us. Whether you require a modest order of 250 presentation packs or a substantial quarter-million run of glued cartons, we approach each challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. Our team of skilled artisans, supported by state-of-the-art machinery, collaborates seamlessly to bring your packaging dreams to life, precisely when you need them and within your budget. A recent £1 million investment has equipped us with cutting-edge machinery including the Vega Aquila 102 folder/gluer and the Heidelberg XL 106 five-color litho press with an aqueous coater.

Stretching the boundaries of printing innovation, we offer an expansive canvas of up to 750 x 1060mm. Our capability to print on materials ranging from 30 to 800 micron sets us apart. Our groundbreaking achievement in 2020 introduced direct litho printing onto N-Flute board, unlocking a world of exciting new options for your printed cardboard packaging.


Sustainable Printed Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Guiding Your Eco-Conscious Choices

More than manufacturers, we are sustainability advocates. Our commitment is to empower you with informed choices. From championing fully recycled boards to eliminating lamination in favour of robust board grades, we’re dedicated to minimising your environmental footprint. We proudly offer compostable window patching options and reimagine packaging to reduce material usage. Collaborating with you, we strive to replace plastic dividers and inserts with eco-friendly cardboard alternatives.

Where Partnership Transcends Business

TAMS Packaging is more than a supplier – we’re your partners in success. We prioritise your journey and aspirations, offering guidance, exceeding expectations, and embracing challenges with unwavering dedication. Driven by our passion for quality, efficiency, and the extraordinary, we thrive on surpassing even the most formidable deadlines. Choosing us means choosing a partner committed to valuing relationships over transactions.

Experience a packaging partnership that marries quality, innovation, and personalised attention. If you’re seeking a manufacturer that transforms ideas into reality, champions sustainability, and stands for pushing the boundaries of possibility, TAMS Packaging awaits.

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Sales Director

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Business Development Director

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Business Development Executive

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Production Director

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Production Manager

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Print Manager

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CAD & Studio Team

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Office Managers

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