Stands out in the crowd.
May have a tuck in base as shown (with or without a postal lock), an envelope base or a glued crash lock base.
The angle of the taper is limited for machine gluing.

Tams Packaging’s TP242 TAPERED CARTON is a standout choice for unique and secure packaging needs. Featuring a distinctive tapered design, it can be customized with a tuck-in, envelope, or glued crash-lock base, with optional postal lock for added security. Designed to catch the eye while ensuring ease of assembly, its angle of taper is optimized for machine gluing, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional durability. Perfect for brands looking to make a bold statement with their packaging.

Cardboard carton printer and Cardboard carton manufacturer. Tuck-in top cartons tapered carton. Tams Packaging.

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