Vitamin Healthcare

These colourful boxes make a striking counter display. They are manufactured with a crash-lock base for quick, easy assembly and are fully sustainable and 100% recyclable. When is comes to considering your printed cardboard packing there are a number of key considerations. Cost is obviously an important factor, but the lowest price isn’t necessarily the right solution. You need to consider the style of packaging – how long does it take to pack, how many will fit into outer cartons and then on to pallets and how it will look on a retail shelf. The creative design is also important – people buy packaging and the design can enhance the perceived value. Your packaging must create trust and confidence in the eye of you consumer.

At the start of a cardboard carton manufacturing project, we spend a lot of time with our clients getting to understand their product, how it will be packed and how it will be distributed/sold. We can then help to advise on the best approach which will give real value, sustainability and the best possible presentation.

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