Cardboard Box Printers: What are the benefits?

If you need bespoke branded products, digital printing from cardboard box printers offers several advantages. Large format digital printers provide a lot of versatility since digital printing allows pictures to be printed directly on the material, eliminating the requirement for plates that traditional printing processes require.

The quality of custom printed boxes generated by digital printing is exceptional on corrugated cardboard. Let’s find out more about this brilliant method…

What exactly are cardboard box printers?

Cardboard box printers make use of directly printing a digital picture onto materials such as cardboard and paper. Compared to traditional printing, digital printing has a higher cost per item but a lower setup cost.

Digital printers typically employ a four-colour process (CMYK), which consists of C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), and K (Black), with variations on these colours allowing for a wide range of colours. Printing directly onto the ‘substrate’ (cardboard, paper, or whatever substance you are printing to) is possible with digital printing.

So, you may be thinking, what are the benefits of digital printing?

Cardboard box printers are more affordable

Short-run printing is significantly less expensive than offset printing. The decreased setup expenses also cut the cost of digital printing. There is no requirement for tooling such as that required by print plates or die cuts. In addition, the cost of labour is lower for short-run printing. Furthermore, you just pay for the print that you require. The speed of printing also allows you to deliver your items to clients much faster, which helps to increase income.

Cardboard box printing has a rapid turnaround time

We all have greater expectations these days when it comes to time to market and delivery speed. Traditional print processes, such as tooling and manual pre-print operations, are no longer required; digital printing allows you to get your brand on the packaging rapidly. All of this speeds up the printing process and reduces lead times.

Greater flexibility

Traditional printing processes might make dealing with the wide range of packaging alternatives problematic. Digital printing, on the other hand, may be used to mark cardboard boxes of various sizes and shapes, from candle boxes to shipping boxes. In addition, digital printing can print on packing tape, tissue, and film.

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