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CMYK printed packaging

Demystifying CMYK on Printed Packaging

In the world of printed cardboard packaging, there are many technical terms and acronyms that can be confusing for those not familiar with the industry. One such term is CMYK, which plays a crucial role in determining the colours and design elements that appear on packaging materials. In this blog post, we will delve into...

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A step towards sustainable packaging

Plastic-Free Lamination: A Step Towards Sustainable Packaging

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront, businesses are increasingly seeking eco-friendly alternatives for their sustainable packaging needs.  Tams Packaging, is a manufacturer of printed cardboard boxes that prioritises sustainability and eco-friendliness, and as a company deeply committed to reducing its environmental impact, we offer a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Plastic-free...

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Using QR Codes With Custom Printed Packaging

Does Adding a QR Code to Packaging Improve Brand Engagement?

At Tams Packaging, we specialise in crafting high-quality, eco-friendly solid board packaging – our clients consider us as their partners to deliver high quality printed cardboard packaging. We are finding that in today’s digital age, brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with their customers and stand out from the competition.  One such method...

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Case Study – Woof and Brew

An innovative solution for gardeners with pet dogs. The product is a 100% natural healthy, herbal blend for dogs and the packaging is 100% recyclable so that’s good for the planet too. It’s also compostable so gardeners can put it on their compost! Many of our clients sell their products through retail outlets and online...

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4 and 6-Corner Gluing

4 and 6-corner gluing is a production process used to create glued trays are a very efficient when it comes to packing – supplied flat, they simply pop open for quick and easy packing. The corners are glued in one pass on our gluing line – we can provide the whole job including printing and...

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Vitamin Healthcare

These colourful boxes make a striking counter display. They are manufactured with a crash-lock base for quick, easy assembly and are fully sustainable and 100% recyclable. When is comes to considering your printed cardboard packing there are a number of key considerations. Cost is obviously an important factor, but the lowest price isn’t necessarily the...

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Value Engineering 

The process of Value Engineering can have a real impact in driving down your packaging costs. It must be a collaborative approach between the client and supplier, with clarity at all stages. The results are always worth the time and effort.  Tams regularly carry out value engineering projects with our clients. A recent brewery can...

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Investment at Tams pays off.

Our new Vega Aquila folder gluer is delivering beyond its expectations – the reliability, accuracy and flexibility to produce such an extensive range of styles including 4 and 6 corner gluing is helping us to offer an even wider service to our clients. Combined with our existing Vega 750 we now have even more capacity...

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Woof and Brew case study

These smart, branded mailing cartons are designed to fit within the guidelines for Royal Mail large letter mailing. All too often we get enquiries for printed cartons and printed mailing cartons that are slightly too large for royal mail large letter which means that the cost of postage almost doubles. We work closely with all...

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Confused About Cardboard?

Solid board cartons are made from a wide variety of different boards. Probably the most common is white back folding box board (WBFBB) This is usually 100% virgin fibre – it has a coating on one side for strength and superior print quality but if you want a more earthy look then you can print...

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