Team Tams

Team Tams is the ethos that embodies the company; we rely on each other, we support each other and together, we are proud of what we achieve. But Team Tams goes further than that – we see our clients as part of our team creating a genuine partnership to achieve mutual goals. Together we are stronger.

Andrew Bennett - Sales Director

I’ve always had the same approach, put the customer first. I am fortunate to lead an awesome team of committed people that share that ethos – we like our clients and they like us. We are flexible, adaptable and we listen. Let’s get a conversation started.

Peter Moran - Business Development Director

Packaging is tactile, and I love meeting people to discuss their projects and to ask what we can do to help. There is nothing better than talking through ideas using different materials and carton designs to come up with the best solutions for the end user.

Adam Kingshott - Business Development Executive

By bringing a level of consistency and integrity to the way you work, I find trust is more organically established. When you couple that with real insight and the enviable production capabilities we possess, it’s a great foundation for fostering long-term client relationships.

Simon Breeze - Business Development Director

I always like to solve challenges for my clients, be they big or small. Value engineering can save time and money and is something I am keen to talk about and demonstrate. Even the smallest change can have a big impact on cost. This collaborative approach is key to the future Tams offering, building long lasting client relationships.

Glen Middleton - Production Director

The most important factor in production management is making sure that every client is happy. We have a ‘can-do’ and ‘will-do’ approach to ensure we deliver on our promises and exceed expectations every time.

Chris Godfrey - Production Manager

I am fortunate to have an amazing team of dedicated, experienced staff in the Tams factory, who work together to deliver exceptional quality even when faced with impossible deadlines.

Colin Norton - Print Manager

Having been in and around print for my entire working life I have a passion for quality. I am fortunate that Tams invests in new technology and equipment to give us the resources we need to deliver exceptional quality print.

Suzy, Andy and Graham – CAD and Studio Team

The dream team. We love a challenge and will work with you to create the best possible solution for your packaging. We can help with innovative solutions for carton design, sampling and artwork – anything you need, just ask us.

Steve and Sean - Estimating and Order Processing

Crunching the numbers, we make sure we offer the most cost effective solutions for the production of your job. Slight adjustments to sizes and print specs can make a big difference to the cost, and we know all the tricks of the trade.

Katie and Harley - Office Managers

Tams couldn’t operate without us, well that’s what we tell everyone. Your friendly team making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Jill and Keely - Accounts

Our friendly accounts duo ensure the financial stability and success of Tams. If we need to chase for payment, we’ll do it with a smile.

Steve and Tony Tammadge - Co-Founders

Although officially retired, we still take an active interest in the continued success of Tams. With over 40 years’ experience we always happy to help, especially on complex jobs that might at first seem impossible – we always find a solution, somehow!

It’s very rewarding that our skills and knowledge in packaging design and cardboard engineering are still valued after so many years. 

Stuart Bennett - Managing Director

The success of Tams is built on quality and service. I am very proud of the team here; the way we work with clients every day to ensure we deliver quality products on time and on budget is thanks to the dedication of every member of staff from the original designs to delivery of the finished job. 

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