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Tams Packaging was first founded in 1984 and is now well established as quality Carton manufacturers and Carton designers. Our bespoke Cartons service includes Carton gluing, folding Cartons, printed Cartons, litho laminated Cartons, made to measure Cartons, printed cardboard Cartons, window Cartons, retail Cartons, postal Cartons, point of sale Cartons or just plain Cartons.

We operate from modem 23500 square feet premises just off the M25 at its most northern point.
With a specialised skilled staff and state of the art machinery we offer a dedicated design and manufacturing service to achieve the right product at the right time and at the right price. We can utilise our Carton design services for any existing or new trade customer to manufacture a cardboard Carton to your exact specification. Our skilled staff consist of Carton die cutters, Carton designers and Carton gluers each ensuring that the Carton finishing is to the highest possible standard.
Our customers range from individual entrepreneurs looking for help and guidance in this sometimes complex world of print and packaging, to multi-national household names who's professional buyers know exactly what they want.
We serve packaging designers, consultants, merchants, stockists and major manufacturers with services, sometimes as basic as trade diecutting or gluing, to handling projects that involve product research and development using multi media packaging.
With recent investment and subsequent capacity expansion we are presently seeking further sales contacts and agents.

Tams Packaging is dedicated to quality and innovation with cost efficiency and environmental awareness. Contact us now and let us quote for your specific Carton requirements.